Notification and Alerting System.

Odin AlertCloud enables direct integration with our Odin Advanced COLD Enterprise Reports Management System as well as stand-alone notification processing and issuance through our Console application and a remote device app.
Odin AlertCloud Enabler for  OdinSQLAdvancedCOLDERM-1-300x18 AlertCloud

Enabler is a component of Odin AlertCloud that can interface to legacy applications. IFS uses this interface for its Odin-SQL Advanced COLD ERM system to enable the Odin Automated Loader/Indexing Engine to send out alerts to system administrators whenever there is a system fault or other important production level event. Since Odin’s Automated Loader/Indexing Engine typically runs unattended from the windows scheduler, this is a great way to be alerted to system conditions that may require operator intervention.

Notify End Users as to the availability of important reports in Odin.

Odin AlertCloud Enabler can also alert designated users as defined by the Odin system authority about the availability of specific reports or other documents as soon as the Odin Automated Loader/Indexing Engine has completed its process to make the reports available to the user community.  This is ideal in cases where critical reports are produced multiple times throughout the day.

The Odin system authority controls the designation of registered alert recipients for Odin COLD ERM reports availability and system run time conditions.

Odin AlertCloud Console

Financial Institutions can benefit from keeping their internal community informed about important events as they relate to Odin system report delivery events for end users and system process events for administrators. The central console can also be used to initiate other non-Odin system related events concerning security, weather, scheduled events, maintenance, meetings, committee actions and more.

Central Console enables an organization’s administrative team to broadcast notifications and alerts to their respective communities and to act as the system authority for setting up Odin system administrator and end user notifications about system conditions and report availability.

Odin AlertCloud App

Odin AlertCloud App is used to fetch user access permission records that were setup by the system administrator through our Odin AlertCloud Console and establishes a confirmation to receive selected authorized notifications on your device from the Odin system or from the central Console as ad-hoc initiated alerts.

OdinSQLAdvancedCOLDERM-1-300x18 AlertCloud 

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