OdinLogo_hiqual_103008-from Odin COLD  Odin COLD/Enterprise Report Management Systems… for report and statement retrieval and research support for financial institutions since 1990.

Authorized users can retrieve, view, search, extract and print stored reports and statements on demand.  Odin is a powerful research tool used by Financial Institutions for daily operations and customer service functions.

Odin COLD ERM offers secure, audited and easy to use rapid access to reports, customer statements and other core transaction system generated print outputs from core system providers like COCC, Fidelity (FIS), Jack Henry, OSI, Fiserv and many others for on-demand retrieval, search, view, print, data extract, ad-hoc reporting, data analytics, research support and more. Odin integrates easily with bank and credit union core transaction processing systems like COCC’s .Net, Fidelity, Fiserv, Jack Henry, and others. for high-speed, high-volume print stream capture and archiving.

Odin… 34 years of rock solid, reliable, day-to-day mission critical performance for many financial institutions.