OdinLogo_hiqual_103008-from Odin In Depth  For banks and credit unions, Odin COLD Enterprise Reports Management (ERM) addresses the need to catalog, archive and manage large volumes of computer generated print output, such as invoices, statements, confirmations, ledgers and internal and regulatory reports. Some years ago, traditional content storage media such as hard copy paper, microfilm and microfiche were very expensive to produce, unwieldy to catalog and manage, offering no technological usage innovation, and were virtually unsecured. 

OdinLogo_hiqual_103008-from Odin In DepthOdin’s electronic optical and magnetic-based storage alternative presented an opportunity for huge savings in these areas while vastly improving information accessibility, efficiency in operations, improved customer service and data security. Odin COLD ERM systems incorporate extensive data mining, research tools and innovative features for effective storage and on-demand retrieval of unstructured data – a wide variety of computer generated output (reports, forms, statements, bills, etc.)  Odin’s powerful indexing and search capabilities easily sift through thousands of pages of reports or customer statements to find information to aid in historical document retrieval, subpoena research, internal balancing, management report review and more.

Through a scheduler system, on a daily basis, and at multiple times throughout the day, the bank’s reporting streams (data) are automatically downloaded from the financial institution’s primary transaction processing application system to Odin where it is automatically captured, indexed, compressed and stored to archival media made ready for easy, secure on-demand retrieval . Once this process is complete, authorized internal users have immediate, simultaneous and secure desktop access to the electronically filed report content.

OdinLogo_hiqual_103008-from Odin In Depth Once retrieved, the report content can be simultaneously viewed, searched and printed if needed by any number of authorized internal users at the financial institution. Data may also be exported to other applications, such as Excel, safe in the knowledge that the original is permanently archived within Odin.

In summary, Odin provides the ability to index, archive, search, view, print and export the report information from all of the major banking applications such as Mortgage Lending, Savings, Checking, Commercial Lending, Time Deposits, Financial Management, etc., literally hundreds of report titles produced on a daily basis, as well as customer statements and other regularly scheduled customer forms and notices. Literally everything a financial institution would create as printed output can be stored, indexed and archived within Odin COLD ERM systems for on-demand organization-wide retrieval for research and customer service purposes.

Odin operates as an on-premises implemented solution for clients on a daily basis, mostly as a mission critical system serving as the sole internal delivery mechanism for all core transactional reporting in the institution.

Client financial institutions range in asset size from $50 million to over $30 billion! Rock solid performance for 32 years!