OdinLogo_hiqual_103008-from Odin Overview  Odin COLD ERM is a full- function data mining client for Odin COLD systems. Robust data extraction and search functions are ideal for customer service oriented research and ad-hoc report data extraction.

Odin COLD ERM systems incorporate extensive data mining, research tools and innovative features for effective storage and on-demand retrieval of unstructured data – computer generated output (reports, forms, statements, invoices, bills, etc.) Odin COLD offers extensive user audit and activity monitoring capability and also offers features and/or options such as automated daily processing, various security options and levels, data compression and forms overlay. The system also includes features to limit (control) user functionality while logging and monitoring critical user actions with regards to use of company data.

Odin COLD ERM also tracks nearly two dozen Odin user activities and functions in order to enhance internal auditing capabilities and monitor use of private customer information and other proprietary company data.